DK Scott Designs Jewelry

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About the Artist

Donna K Scott, Designer & Owner of DK Scott Designs

Birth of a business

When asked how DK Scott designs was born, owner and designer Donna K Scott laughed: "After pursuing several other artistic endeavors, I picked up a great piece of jewelry one day and had a eureka moment—I knew I could learn to make that. In fact, I was sure I could make it better!"

Suddenly a Studio

Initially on a mission to make jewelry for herself and for gifts, Donna was off and running. Never known to do anything halfway, Donna’s sizeable craft room was soon transformed into a fully-stocked design studio. Somewhat sheepishly Donna explained: "Well, you have to buy in bulk to get great quality at good prices!" With anything and everything you could want at your fingertips, there are no limits on creativity!

Design it, and they will come!

Designing non-stop and loving it, and despite her cart-before-the-horse business strategy, Donna soon found eager customers. "I guess I began to realize I had a business when I returned from a family reunion with empty jewelry cases and a fistful of orders!" Spreading the word, family and friends began giving home jewelry parties, where guests were amazed at the large number of great pieces to choose from. Soon boutiques in several cities offered her designs.

After two years of resisting the urgings of long-distance customers to go online, Donna relented. "I finally lifted my head from the design bench long enough to take photos and plan this website."


Ever the perfectionist, Donna has continued to hone her craft, taking classes, constantly updating her designs and upgrading her standards. "I insist on using the finest materials available, including high-grade sterling silver, semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, and Greek leather. I am always on the search for the latest design trends and the highest quality, most cost-effective materials out there to implement those trends. And, I am delighted that many of my pieces appeal to both young and old alike. I first realized this at that first family reunion, when a great niece and her grandmother each wanted to buy the same piece of jewelry!"

Happy shopping!

"I hope you enjoy looking through my designs and find something you love along the way! Thanks for stopping by DK Scott designs. I hope you’ll forward our address to friends and that you’ll come back soon! There are always new designs to see."